Civil Rights

Civil Rights / Constitutional Law

The Constitution of the United States as well as state constitutions provide protection to citizens to engage in certain activities. These protected activities are often challenged by individuals, businesses or governmental entities. Our attorneys have represented well over 20 different governmental entities in north and east Texas defending claims of civil rights violations.  We have also represented individuals whose civil rights have been violated by governmental entities outside Texas.

The partners of Smith Weber collectively command almost a century to trial experience. We have assisted individuals and businesses litigate cases in both state and federal courts throughout Texas and Arkansas, as well as in Louisiana, Oklahoma and California. Our attorneys are available to assist you in evaluating your options, providing practical and prudent legal advice, and developing a strategy for efficient management of your case.

In recent years, we have assisted both individuals and governmental entities with civil rights claims involving:

  • Free Speech
  • Unlawful detention
  • Unlawful arrest
  • Unlawful search and seizure
  • 42 USC § 1983 claims
  • Equal protection claims
  • Substantive and procedural due process claims
  • Conspiracy claims under 42 USC § 1985

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